A pure soul

This is not a true story but it reflects the reality in every way

She was raped by her very own brother. The society said “she should have relaxed and enjoyed it”- Clayton Williams and “she should make the best out of a bad situation” – Rick Santorum.

Victim blaming came into the scene. “she was wearing short clothes” “she should have been more careful” “she was asking for it” “she was too close to him” “she shouldn’t have gone to him” “she couldve said no”.

The rapist’s action was justified “its his age he has desires” “it’s the girls fault”.

She was raped by that one person she trusted blindly and loved wholeheartedly. She was just 9 years old. She had no idea what was going on with her. She was wearing a top and jeans. It happened in her very own house.

Her mother filed a complaint and he was put behind the bars. Three months later he was bailed out by his brother, the victims father.

This is what happens in real life. In Indian homes and all over the world.

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